Monday, March 29, 2010

Dawn Chorus

There’s a big mistake that I always make
As I awake in the dawning.
I open one eye and then with a sigh
I wonder why I’m still yawning.

I know I’m awake by the noise I make
And so I fake some more sleeping.
But I don’t know why however I try
My other eye begins peeping.

I see I’m in bed asleep with my wed
But in my head I hear wheezing.
And then for my sins my darling begins
Her own loud dins and starts sneezing.

She sneezes and snores and bellows and roars
As if some wars she is winning.
So I blow my nose and tickle her toes
Inside her hose and she’s grinning.

We sigh and we moan we grunt and we groan
And then her phone begins pinging.
There is no mistake the noises we make
Bring birds awake with their singing!



Canary Islander said...

My good nature abhors a vacuum.

Expat said...

Glad to see you back!!!!

Dolores Doolittle said...

Yes, CI - Hurraaaaay that you made it!

You say over on DD that you've recuperated this from your backup - Jolly Glad you did, and I hope all your other stuff is still lurking.

DO you know why it disappeared?

Canary Islander said...

It’s not just losing my posts. I’ve got WORD documents for those. The whole joy has been your Comments - your repartee, and your humour - for which I’ve got no backup. That’s the shock. Last night I trawled through Blogger Help, but found no joy. Now it’s night time again and I’m trying again. Trouble is, much of the advice I’ve read so far isn't intelligible. At least my account didn’t vanish and I can post to it. But it's bloody unsettling.

Thanks for your concern. Hugely Mucho appreciated! Speak again tomorrow. :-)

JW10 said...

Hello C.I

You will have to put in your header- This Site Sucks #1. :-)

(A MYT thing, Sorry DD and Expat)

Seriously it is a shame you have "lost" your posts and a good job you have them "backed up". The loss of the comments is a downer but I'm sure we wouldn't mind if you reposted your favourite blogs and we could be entertained and comment all over again.

My Deepest Best Wishes,

Canary Islander said...

Hi JW,
Yes, the header is used by Badger, reincarnated as O Stripey One, who probably holds the current MyT record for having his blogs and comments deleted by the moderators. Awesome.

For the sake of economy, methinks it falls on me to scribble an eloquent obituary. Supporting eulogies (please) shall be gratefully received and acknowledged. But it's late now, so that's for tomorrow. :-)