Sunday, April 11, 2010


I know I use the word I a lot when I write. I think I do it because I is such a simple character, and so am I. As a child I found I could write the character I well before I could write any of the others in the alphabet. And I found I could write the sloping I easier than the upright I.

Gosh, I used the word four times in each of the four sentences above, and I think I avoided using inverted commas by using I and I, so this sentence has five.

I think I like I and I even better than I like I, which is six.

Do you have a favourite word or character ?


Canary Islander said...

Methinks people use the word too often. :-)

JW10 said...

Aye, Aye C.I

Do my eyes deceive me? A blog about "I's". Truly, truly, original. I like this. :-)

To no great surpise I must tell you my favourite number is 10(although it looks like an I with a 0 after it, it's not)

The 10's have it, the 10's have it. :-)

JW10 said...


I (sorry) seem to have missed out an R in Surprise. No surprises there.
R's my fave letter. Again, No surprises for guessing why.

Canary Islander said...

Thank you JW. You get ten out ten for being a ten, and for liking R.

Shades of Star Wars, I like R too (D too), and for R & R I practise the three R’s.

The R months (September to April) are the Premier season for eating oysters. You’ve made my day, and now all the world’s my oyster. :-)

PS. If any ladies happen by, we're talking soccer. Boys will be boys... 

Expat Amazon said...

My mother always used to say 'Boys will be boys...and so will a lot of middle-aged men." She was a smart lady.

I am disappointed, CI that you (a rugby player, egad!)felt you had to explain the conversation to football (please, not soccer) afficianados like me and D.D.

And that leads me to my favorite letter. W. And my favorite combination of letters.

W.O.M.E.N. R.U.L.E.

And should you feel the need to disagree, I refer you to your pevious blogs where you describe acomodating the whims and desires of your other half....not to mention JW's forays into the unknown for just the right choccie treat!

We tolerate you menfolk and you have your uses. But don't get uppity, y'hear?

Dolores Doolittle said...

Hello all. As a 'football afficianado' of the Ruling kind, I daren't confess that I haven't grasped the 'R' thing...
So I'll just say that my favourite letter is 'L', because it sounds deLicious.

Canary Islander said...

Hello Expat Amazon!

I like uppity, and here’s my very best smile :-))

But I’m puzzled. My comment ”If any ladies happen by, we're talking soccer” was addressed to ladies, and was never intended as a slight on the lower echelons of the fair sex.

And a true gentleman will always stand up for a lady. First things first, we say, before we soccer, and we only soccer first if we absolutely have to.

Yippee! I knew that W would be your favourite letter, because W is the 23rd letter in the alphabet, and WWW is the World Wide Web, which adds up to 69.

The answer is always 69.

Canary Islander said...

Hello Dolores!

I was puzzled by your mention of R (for Rangers), which is the 18th letter in the alphabet, and your choice of L, which is the Roman numeral for 50, until I realised that there is one more L delightfully capitalised in your chosen word deLicious.

The answer is always 69.

Expat said...

hmmmm. I suspect that as a child CI was very into paint-by-numbers.

I am totally ignoring the comment on the "lower echelons" of the fair sex as being beyond the pale and not making too much sense any way.

Another thing my Mother used to say: men are only tall boys in long trousers.

Canary Islander said...

Expat – now you’ve done it twice in succession – jogging my memory like that. My mother came home one day with her face beaming with delight, just like a little schoolgirl, with a paint-by-numbers box that had been given to her to give to me.

We spent lots of happy hours painting together. It was a picture of the Matterhorn, which my mother had seen as a child on a visit from her native Austria. She did most of the painting, but I remember I was put in charge of the numbers.

Life is a topsy-turvy, just like the number 69...