Thursday, September 8, 2011

Six out of Eight

Progressively, over several weeks, a great feeling of lassitude had slowly and insidiously come over me. I felt that little bit weaker by the day, and more and more disinclined to exercise or otherwise exert myself.

I spent much more time than usual reading the financial press and watching the financial crisis unfold on Television, and I became increasingly angry at the state of the world.

My angers were followed by bouts of anxiety.

Then over the weekend, while walking with my daughters around the ponds at Alexandra Palace, I twice found myself losing my balance, to the extent of nearly falling into the water.

By Sunday evening, when back at home, the events of the weekend seemed to fade and become fuzzy in my memory, and I was losing track of conversation.

And I only just made it to bed before crashing into a deep sleep.


Next day Kathy joked that I had "Galloping Alzheimer's". But she was very worried when she showed me the small print on the leaflet that was tucked inside the packet of pills which my doctor had prescribed for me 5 weeks beforehand.

Tell your doctor if you notice any of the following side effects:
1. Muscle weakness
2. Excitement
3. Agitation
4. ‘Spinning sensation’
5. Confusion
6. Loss of consciousness
7. Coma
8. Death.

How someone with the latter symptoms is supposed to contact their doctor is beyond me!

I’m hugely better now, because I didn’t finish the prescribed course.

But six out of eight ain’t bad, is it?



Dolores Doolittle said...

'...IF YOU NOTICE...'!! ...coma, death, spontaneous combustion, parts dropping off...

DO keep you eyes peeled and don't let any of these insidious symptoms try to sneak by...

Hugely relieved you're feeling better now, CI - you're obviously too sensitive for these foul medicaments! (But thank gawd for them)!

Did you banish the original ailment of five weeks ago?

Canary Islander said...

Hi Dolores!
I've had both kinds of Cardio-Gram (electro and echo) and I passed both with flying colours! I'll soon be going for a heart stress test at King's College Hospital in South London.

Personally, I think I've already been through a stress test, courtesy of those damn pills!

JW10 said...

I had no idea you were ill, CI. Glad to hear you're picking up.

I'm a bit puzzled by the stress test. You're not a piece of metal are you? If so, there's a good chance you'll be stretched, boiled then frozen as the doctors try to find out all your properties.

Canary Islander said...

Thanks for the kind thought JW!

The forthcoming stress test involves an injection to make the heart tick with a faster tock - and then see what happens. If that fails to show a problem, they'll inject a dye and see how the arteries behave.

But my recent low has been entirely due to a mix of medication that turned out to be totally wrong for me. Not the doctor's fault - just that I happened to be one of the tiny minority with an adverse reaction.

Right now I'm sticking to aspirin!

Expat said...

I am stressed from writing a long comment on your blog, then posting it only for it to disappear into the ether, never mto be seen again!

Dolores Doolittle said...

Hell's Teeth, JW - that sounds like an episode from The Tudors! (evil specimens if you'd annoyed them).

But in fact, your stress test sounds a bit harsh too, CI - what have you done to deserve it?!

Jolly good news about the Cardiograms - hope your fine fettle keeps coming to the fore!

Expat said...

Try again....

CI, I am so happy that you are recovering. I did wonder if something was up since you had rarely appeared here recently.

Over here, every TV advert for a drug has to, by law, include a listing of potential side effects, from mild to fatal, complete with the 'odds' (from most often experienced to rare). My heavens, after listening to some of those adverts, I wonder why anybody would take a chance! The cure could be worse than the disease.

JW10 said...

That stress test does sound stressful, CI.

I’ve just mentioned basic metallurgy tests, Dolores, let’s hope CI doesn’t undergo a rebound hardness test. Rebound hardness, also known as dynamic hardness, measures the height of the "bounce" of a diamond-tipped hammer dropped from a fixed height onto a material or body. Ouch!

Side-effects can be scary, Expat, it probably would be better not knowing about them. Talking of new drugs I wonder if any of you would volunteer to test a new drug before it went on the market. Would you take the risk? If there were a drug that would make my topspin forehand more lethal, I could possibly consider it.

Expat said...

They're going to wire him up and put him on a treadmill, at a speed no typical, relatively sedentary 65-year-old human being should have to endure, and they're going to make him trot till he drops. Then they're going to make him jump up and down like a maniac. Well, that's what they did to my husband when he had one. Hey, but if he can pass, anyone can.

On a very serious note...Would I enter a clinical trial? As a cancer survivor, and if I had been diagnosed with something more invasive than I was, and there was an "end date" given to me, yes I would. It's because of people willing to take that chance that new, life-prolonging, if not life-saving, drugs are available.

Dolores Doolittle said...

JW, have you Got a new drug that needs testing then? I think if any of my ailments had Obvious symptoms instead of Pitiful ones I'd volunteer, otherwise the indecision would render me useless.. .

Like the eye test quandary- "is it Better or Worse since we inserted the lens?" Umm, hard to tell... Really...
Or - "Does that skin cream make you More itchy or Less itchy?" Well, quite itchy in parts...

But Very Good Health to All

Canary Islander said...

Hey - all your comments have cheered me up lots! I heard today that the stress test will take place on 21st October. No treadmill - sorry Expat! :-) - it's a 15-minute drip into a vein to adminster a drug called dobutamine. Apparantly that will exercise the heart which will be scanned. All very simple, and I should be allowed out after an hour when the heart rate is back to normal.

Of course I'll let you all know what the outcome is.

But I'll hopefully be back earlier with news of a new grandchild for Kathy!


Dolores Doolittle said...

Well the test sounds almost pleasant, CI! I had an injection this week & staring rigidly at the wall I said to the doctor, It doesn't hurt at all but I just can't look...
'Me neither' he replied.

Oh Great Joy about imminent new grandchild for Kathy! Do let us know as soon as it arrives

JW10 said...

Super news about the grandchild on the way, CI. Definitely keep us posted.

I'm a bit nervous of needles so I applaud you and DD's fortitude. last time I was at the doctor's he asked me. "So what's the matter with you?" I answered. "If I knew that would I be here?"

Sorry, folks. An ancient gag

Dolores Doolittle said...

... but a Merry one, JW!
KEEP young & beautiful...! (I'm singing here)

Jon said...

Grief CI - I had no idea that modern medicine could be so downright dangerous! I've been through the packets in the cupboards and discovered that such humble medicaments as we keep in for treating scroffla and mange could actually kill.

I shall try to stay healthy by not having to take them.

Pleased you're feeling better.

Dolores Doolittle said...

Oh Damnèd Scroffla - will we Never be free...?

Canary Islander said...

I only take aspirin now, and I'm recovering my mind.