Monday, September 23, 2013

Why Earth is feeling Poorly


Canary Islander said...

There's a childlike quality about this cartoon... who knows - maybe a child drew it?

And sort of on the same theme, I was quite taken by this quotation by an anonymous child:

"Oh, we have a home. We just need a house to put it in".


Expat said...

The quote is so beautiful. And so true. Thank you for sharing it with us. American real estate agents tend to advertise "home for sale." But of course it's not a home. It's just a house. Builders don't make homes. People do. Love is a home's bricks and mortar.

The cartoon is very pertinent considering what's going on in Kenya right now.

Feeling sad today at all the lives so cruelly taken....

Dolores Doolittle said...

Very funny cartoon, CI, and horribly disheartening.

Exterminate - Exterminate-us!

Canary Islander said...

Hello Dolores Dalek and Expat Empathetic !

The cartoon has the same effect on me, although I wouldn't go so far as to advocate self-extermination. But just for fun, I'm currently bidding for a worn-only-once Dalek costume with deadly deathray (midget size) which I shall carefully test for harmlessness before mailing to an anonymous poste restante of choice on the IOW. I shall also dispatch copious quantities of Kleenex tissues (mushpot quality) for collection in the Carolinas.

And I adore you both, despite your apparent good-cop/bad-cop role reversals!

Dolores Doolittle said...

You sweet-talker you, CI... (but what d'you mean - 'Midget'?)

I did have an inflatable Dalek but sadly his punctures became terminal. A cossy would fill huge gap...

JW10 said...

Hello CI, I had to look twice at your picture. My first thought was that the earth is smoking which is not allowed anywhere in the universe (pubs, cafes, prisons etc. etc. etc.)

I can only quote the great Reg Holdsworth of Coronation Street. Reg was the manager of Bettabuys supermarket.
"My shelves are perfect. Then the public comes in."

Dolores Doolittle said...

Reg! Oh Reginald - wondrous Sage of the Street... Why didst thou have to go?
(In fact, didst he go? Haven't seen it for Some Time...)