Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happy Wedding Anniversary

Yippee! I think I've remembered an anniversary for a change ! (but I'm not sure) ... :-)


Canary Islander said...

So if anybody out there has a Wedding Anniversary today, this is for you !!!

JW10 said...

It's not mine, CI.

Any clues?

Canary Islander said...

Hi JW!
It's an entry in my 2012 diary for 12th October,, written in pencil, together with a smiley that looks like :-) and there is another note about a fiesta in Tenerife, so I may have been a bit merry at the time.

I can't remember writing the entry in my diary, but I have this vague feeling that it was sparked by something said in passing in a comment on one of our blogs. There isn't a comparable entry for 12th October in my diary for year 2011.


PS I nearly forgot to mention the diary entry says "Expat Wedding Anniversary".


PPS I'm desparately trying to atone for forgetting Dolores birthday on 5th October !!!

Expat said...

Thank you CI! How very sweet of you. We celebrated our 45th yesterday..vey quietly since we're had John's big 70th birthday bash on the 29th and one hectic occasion a month is enough these days. I did cook a scrumtious beef rib roast, though.

JW, John did receive several bottles of your country's best known beverage (No, not Iron Bru...excuse the spelling) so he's a happy puppy.

Dolores Doolittle said...

Joyous 45th Anniversary for yesterday, Expat!

And trust the birthday gathering went as brilliantly as you'd planned!

Canary Islander said...

Excellent news, Expat :-)

Kathy has her birthday in December and mine is a month later, so we've started celebrating one of those birthdays with a special bash on a another island. Good fun, and a great excuse to travel. I get to choose the island next January !

JW10 said...

Belated Congratulations Expat for your anniversary. I trust John enjoyed his bottles of Highland Spring water.

CI, you're nothing but an island hopper. I'm blue with envy.